VITEA is an ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership for Vocational Education and Training (VET) (N° 2015-1-FR01-KA202-015381).

From 2015 to 2017 it has focused on vine pruning: core activity of winegrower’ job. The competent pruner is able to carry out all the work of the vineyard.

European employers lack competent vine pruners as workers shun low-paid seasonal work. VITEA's goal is to improve the competences of vine pruners to satisfy employers and provide workers with stabilized employment and better income.

VITEA gathered 2 Services providers in vine pruning (IT, FR), 8 vocational training organizations (AT, FR, 2 HU, IT, PT, SLO, SP) and 1 regional academic institution (SP) of 7 wine-growing European countries.

VITEA partners have applied ECVET approach of permanent progress to validate acquired competences whatever is the training followed. ECVET allowed them :

- To define the tasks of 2 types of vine pruners corresponding to levels 3 and 4 of the European Qualification Framework (EQF) for Vine Pruner (VP) and Advanced Vine Pruner  (AVP)

- To determinate competences to implement based on skills to master from knowledge to know to constitue the 2 Units of Learning Outcomes (ULO)

- To build the 2 Assessment Grids (AG) of these competences with criteria and indicators

- To experiment and test these 2 Competence Assessment Standards (ULO + AG) during 2 vine pruning sessions  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sksQ19T_Ez4&feature=youtu.be

- To create the Operational Guide of the VITEA project

The 5 transnational meetings were intended to approve the work done, to plan and start the work to be done for the next deadline.

The 3 training activities allowed the partners to train at ECVET and then practice the learners' assessments using the tools created.

Those tools constitue the 4 results O of the VITEA project and are composed of :

- ECVET  Assessment Standards (O1) for the 2 levels of vine pruners identified

- Implementation of ECVET in  Vine Pruning Training (O2)

- VITEA Operational Guide (O4).

To which is added:

- Reflection on the experimental process of Professional and Institutional Recognition of Vine Pruning Training (O3) to continue with ECVET on the road to professional certification.

Those 4 results have been disseminated during the 4 VITEA Multiplier Events E to target audiences :

- E1 promoted O1 to the local and regional educational community

- E2 presented O2 to the educational decision-makers of the wine-growing schools during the "Seminar of the network of European wine schools"

- E3 took advantage of the "FP Innova Vocational Training Innovation Congress" to present O3 to vocational training partners and professionals in the viticultural and green sector.

- E4 took advantage of the "VINEXPO International Show" to present O4 to winegrowers and winemakers and their organizations.


PDF icono1-vitea_assessment_standards.pdf

PDF icono2-implementation_of_ecvet.pdf

PDF icono3-towards_recognition_for_vitea.pdf

PDF icono4-vitea_0perational_guide.pdf